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It is often said that the right pair of shoes completes a wardrobe. Knowing what type of shoe to match with your outfit of choice, however, is key (taking seasons into consideration, of course). Owning more than one pair of shoes is important not just from a fashion standpoint, but from a functionality standpoint as well. Here’s a simple guide on a few footwear essentials.


The most basic and common form of footwear, sneakers go great with almost every type of wardrobe. Because these are typically meant to be simple and easily blend with most outfits, try to avoid sneakers with large logos or over-the-top branding. A simple, solid-colored shoe works best.


There are a lot of variations of boots to look into depending on when and where you plan to wear them. Work boots, obviously, are ideal for inclement weather, hiking, and general outdoor activities. However, don’t let that deter you from the many stylish mens boots that are available. 

Combat and lace-up boots can be used for more than just that of manual labor. These go great with a nice pair of jeans for a casual, yet refined look. Chukkas and Chelsea boots are also a perfect match for slightly more upscale events, or to add a little bit of flair to your wardrobe.


A pair of black Oxford shoes is an absolute must for business settings, weddings, and all types of formal events. These will compliment almost any suit as long as you are at least matching them with a black belt, watch, or briefcase. 


For a more relaxed but fashionable look, leather slip-ons can come in the form of penny loafers, tassel loafers, or the classic boat shoe look. These work well with shorts during the warmer seasons, but also compliment a pair of chinos. The great thing about slip-ons is their versatility. Experiment with a few different types of outfits to see what you like best and what suits your personal style.