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Winter is a season where it’s common to value comfort over style, but that doesn’t mean you should not be able to look your best! With society developing more advancements every day, we see a change in products like never before. Clothing and accessories are even becoming tech-friendly to adapt to the modern world. Below we will look at the best accessories of 2020 to keep you warm this winter, featured in an article by Rolling Stone.

When it comes to winter hats, beanies are almost always a go-to. Beanies are made out of extremely warm materials and are often snug around your head to keep in the heat. The Merino Wool Pocket Beanie is a breathable soft beanie from the Canadian brand “Tilley.” What’s nice about this beanie is that a small pocket is attached to it to carry small items such as keys and chapstick when you’re running errands or on the slopes. Other warm winter hats include the cozy “Pom Pom” beanie from Headsweats and the Nobis Dawson Men’s Wool Fargo hat

In addition to hats: earmuffs, gloves, and scarfs are essential to a warm winter. UGG Collection’s Genuine Shearling Bluetooth earmuffs are sure to protect your ears from the brisk weather, but they also have a built-in headphone system so you can listen to your favorite toons as you’re bracing the cold. Hand-in-hand with the idea of tech accessories are the NorthFace Commuter Gloves. These gloves are touchscreen-friendly and made of fleece. While less tech-oriented, the Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Windowpane Scarf lets you decide which design you’d like to wear that day, making it versatile and two times as stylish.

As much as external accessories are essential to warmth and style, underclothing ensures maximum body heat preservation. Backcountry Men’s Merino Wool Baselayer Bottoms are perfect for intense cold during daily activities. The material is moisture-wicking and odor resistant. Additionally, Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear also features moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabrics to keep you warm and comfortable under your clothes all day or night. In contrast, the feet are the body part that helps us keep a stable body temperature, so it’s imperative to make sure they are warm during winter. The Darn Tough Hiker Merino Wool Micro Crew Socks and the Hotronic Universal S4 FootWarmer Kit do just the trick. Both of these items are designed for outdoor activities and fit perfectly in winter boots.