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If there’s one thing fashion-lovers look forward to, it’s the change in seasons and the new trends that come with it. Spring is an exciting time for the fashion industry, as we tend to see bulky styles and tons of layering take a back seat to light-weight selections and brighter color combos. While many are still powering-through the colder winter months, here’s what’s on the horizon for spring/summer color trends this year: 

Mellow Yellow 

A notable commonality coming from most fashion articles and experts for this spring season focuses on pastel or muted yellows. The color yellow is commonly associated with happiness and joy, and with how the last year or so has been, society can probably use a slight mood-boost. So this spring, yellow is much more than just a color, but a statement that can bring hope to any conversation. Fashion experts say this spring season will be filled with pale and pastel yellows, and the color will be seen in both large statement pieces and smaller accessories as well. 

Tangerine Orange 

A vibrant option that we’ve seen a time or two before on the trending list, tangerine is back and brighter than ever! This year, we’re seeing bright tangerine and other orange shades all spring/summer 2021. According to psychologist, Dr. Dawnn Karen in a recent Zoe Report article, orange is the color of liveliness. It can be a great help for those who’ve spent a lot of time inside with minimal activities throughout the pandemic. Dr. Karen states that wearing orange can provide anyone with a boost of motivation and give you a little extra pep in your step.  

Bright Pinks & Magenta 

When you think “spring,” the color pink will likely come to mind. Pink flowers, pink Easter eggs, the list goes on! Fashion experts are looking at bold pinks this spring, like bright magenta, as the go-to shade for the season (move over, pastels). In fact, some of the world’s most popular fashion designers, like LaQuan Smith and Chanel, have incorporated various pink shades into their Spring collections, highlighting both muted baby-pinks and bring florescent fuchsia’s.

Light Lavender 

Similar to the yellow trend this spring season, lavender is the shining star of many runway collections as well.  Following the pandemic, lavender is a color that brings calm to chaos. Fashion experts say the calming color will certainly be on trend this season and can be seen in collections from Valentino to Baum und Pferdgarten.