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The watch industry is booming with more choices for models and price points than ever before. As a consumer, these choices can be a bit daunting if you’re someone who has never purchased a watch before. It’s fair for your choice to be a bit daunting since many higher-end watches can seem like an investment.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to decipher the differences between a good and bad watch. Look for these factorsso that you can find your perfect watch.


In the past decade, smartwatches have grown to become a significant part of the watch industry. These watches give you more functions than a traditional watch such as being able to see your text messages, check out your fitness stats, switch your music, and much more. However, this technology can come at a cost.

Whether you purchase an Apple Watch or a smartwatch from any other brand, that technology is going to depreciate over time. Other than some rare collector’s version of a smartwatch, this is going to make it so that your watch is more of a commodity than something you’re investing into. This isn’t necessarily bad for most people but it’s something you should take in mind if you are looking to keep a watch for a long time. Make sure you strongly consider if technology is something you are looking for in your next watch purchase.


Like any other piece of jewelry, you can easily spend a couple of bucks to thousands on the perfect watch. It’s important that you not only consider what you’re personally looking for in a watch for the price point but what can you sell a watch for in the future once you are done with it. You can make the right choice by first looking into what brands can be offered at certain price points.

For those looking to purchase a cheap watch, you’re likely looking for something with quartz. These types of watches can be seen from brands like Timex and Seiko, brands that are known for offering high-end and low-end watches. The higher-end watches slowly transition from higher-end fashion brands like Gucci to more prestigious watch manufacturers like Omega and Rolex. Before purchasing a high-end watch from any of these brands, look into used watch sales in the past couple of years to get a good glimpse into what you could be looking at when you sell it down the line. Either way, make sure you get what you are looking for when settling at a price point.