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Loafers are a classic when it comes to men’s footwear. In some ways, they symbolize a fustiness and traditionalism related to mid-century East Coast powerbrokers. But these pragmatic, slip-on shoes are actually a great option for today’s man. They’re comfortable and pair well with anything. A loafer can take you from the office to a night on the town. It’s an appropriate choice for a day at the shore, or a more formal event like a graduation or wedding.

Men’s loafers are one of the most well-known components of preppy style. Companies like Bass and LL Bean are still famous for making loafers. That penny-loafer style is still widely available and accessible. These shoes look great with formal wear and with jeans. However, they’re not the only option for modern men. The loafer has been tweaked several times over the decades.

Today, the loafer has been dressed up and down by designers from around the world and all over the spectrum. For example, Gucci still makes a sleek leather loafer with a gold horsebit accent. Vinny’s is a younger brand. They make a cheekier style, a croc-effect leather loafer with a higher heel. There’s a loafer for summer 2021 that can fit any man’s style. Loafers are a comfortable and on-trend staple for any man’s wardrobe.

Other timeless loafer styles are back in vogue for 2021, too. These include tasseled loafers. Alden’s Snuff Suede leather tassel loafer is a favorite with well-dressed men. It’s got a classic silhouette, is made with premium materials. Somewhat uniquely, Alden’s loafers are still handmade by skilled craftspeople in the US. Dr. Martens offers a more unique twist on the tasseled loafer. They have a high, cushioned sole and an upturned toe. The Dr. Martens tasseled loafer brings some working-class, punk-rock attitude to a classic coastal preppy style.

Today’s most popular Venetian loafers have a very streamlined and unadorned silhouette. They are an understated choice. Venetian loafers can be dressed down with jeans. They can also be worn with a sharp suit without looking out of place. There are, of course, some available with tassels and other flourishes. But the hottest Venetian loafers for 2021 are built for comfort, with flexible and supportive rubber soles.