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An outdoor stay during warm sunshine in summer is one of the greatest feelings. A challenge arises from the unpredictability of the weather. It might be warm and dry but the weather turns chilly and wet within a few minutes. A trick to stay comfortable amid unpredictable changes is to buy a good quality waterproof jacket when going out in the countryside. The factors below help shoppers make a superb choice when purchasing men’s waterproof jackets for the outdoors.

Planned activity

Waterproof jacket enthusiasts should consider the scheduled activity and the place to go when wearing a new jacket. A lightweight waterproof jacket is a proper choice when going for a stroll in the Hills. It is simple to pack and carry as it only becomes essential at the onset of a few warm showers. On the other hand, day-long treks at colder and wet places like Scottish Highlands or Welsh Mountains require a heavier waterproof jacket. Hikers should wear a thicker waterproof jacket with more robust fabrics. They should also have higher levels of breathability so that heat and sweat do not become uncomfortable.

High waterproof performance

Hydrostatic Head (HH) is the standard measure of waterproof performance. It measures the amount of water that should be present for water to penetrate a fabric. The measure for pressure expressed as a water column is measured in millimeters (mm). A higher figure indicates a better performance. People searching for high waterproof performance in men’s waterproof jackets for the outdoors should go for those with 10,000 to 30,000 mm.


An occasional shower in summer does not last over 20 minutes. All a wearer requires is something to protect the body from a light train. A jack at such moment stays long in a pack. It is better to think about a tradeoff between weight and features. Things like vents, pockets, and storm-flaps increase the weight of a jacket. They may not have a purpose for someone going to the lowlands on a bright day. They only become a necessity at the sign of a stormy day around the hills.


A short, slim-fit waterproof jacket is good because it maintains weight at a minimum. A shorter fit suits those who engage in much activity like running or mountain climbing because they allow freedom of movement. A longer-fit jacket suits less active pursuits like strolling because it provides more protection from weather elements. Robust men′s waterproof jackets for the outdoors are good for chilly times. They fit closely but leave space for additional warm layers that wearers put on underneath the jacket.