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Fashion is the ultimate outlet for creativity and self-expression. Every year, fashion trends change and evolve; and every decade, there’s a massive shift in what was once popular and brand new trends. With the consistent evolution of the endless trends in fashion, it’s not uncommon for some to stick around for years, while others die out quickly. However, somewhere in between, lies the outrageous trends that manage to hold some popularity but raise the question of “what were you thinking”.

Clear Accessories

Clear accessories are probably one of the longest-running ridiculous fashion trends that began in the 90s and reemerged during the 2010’s. 90’s era clear accessories were definitely more aesthetically pleasing with things like bracelets or belts. Their reemergence, however, was a little different, as fashion icons and various celebrities began sporting clear major accessories like large handbags and even high-heeled shoes. 


Crocs have a love-hate relationship with fashion lovers and have been around for years. While many find crocs to be one of the more unfavorable trends of the decade, celebrities like Zooey Deschanel have become spokespersons for the brand. And recently, major designers like Balenciaga, have used crocs as their runway inspiration.

Chunky Dad-Shoes

“Dad shoes”, a term most of us are familiar with and may have seen in our own homes growing up. Would we ever think major fashion designers would take a piece of the popular New Balance chunky sneaker trend? Believe it! Over the last decade, we’ve seen tons of clunky sneakers that model the old “dad shoe” all over the red carpet and runway. A perfect example of something so traditional turning high fashion. Like their croc inspired heel, Balenciaga also took a page out of the book of dad shoes and created their own luxury design. 

Jeans on Jeans 

Jeans were probably the most impacted clothing item for ridiculous trends over the last decade. From normal distressed jeans, to completely cut out jeans, and even, jeans with fake mud. Dirt is a new luxury, right?