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The spring and summer months are just around the corner, as many of us patiently wait for warmer temps and sunshine. For those who are more fashion-forward, the change in season brings an exciting and much-anticipated change in wardrobe. If you’re looking to refresh your closet this summer, here are a few of the top trends coming from the biggest designers in the industry.

Vibrant Colors and Neons

One of the biggest trends to hit the runway this year took the concept of a “pop of color” to new heights. Thinking springtime pastels? Think again. This year, we’re seeing designers from Tom Ford to Valentino debut some of their brightest works yet with head to toe highlighter inspired neons. Talk about a statement piece! Enter the exciting summer season with bright pinks, oranges, greens, blues, and yellows; if you’re more partial to subtle looks and neutral tones, you can still work in that fluorescent pop with a neon accessory.


Waistcoats and suits were all over the catwalk this year, coupling professionalism with being trendy and fun. This versatile look was presented on the runway in multiple fashions, like three-piece suits, mismatched with blazer jackets, or a more simplistic look with statement vest over a neutral-colored blouse. They’re a fun addition to a dapper, professional look, and they’re great for layering while staying cool in the warmer months. 


Every year styles change. What was popular five years ago is likely taking a back seat to new emerging trends that are circling the fashion industry. However, what was popular thirty years ago, is making its way right back onto the runway. Enter: retro prints. While various prints have always circled the fashion industry, this season, we’re seeing vintage prints that are taking us right back to the ’60s and ’70s (and reminding us of our grandmother’s wallpaper).

Crochets and Knits

A fan favorite to hit the industry this year (and another reminiscent grandma trend): Crochets and knits. This runway look is coming from several different designers that are not only focusing on a trendy spring/summer vibes but also sustainability and the art of handmade techniques. Crochet dresses are a huge hit, coupling comfort with high-fashion.