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Are you a fan of men’s fashion? If you are, you probably enjoy reading fashion blogs and watching videos about fashion on YouTube. But have you ever checked out a fashion podcast? Podcasts aren’t what we typically think of when we think about fashion. Fashion is a very visual thing, and podcasts don’t have any visuals at all! As a purely audio medium, you likely push podcasts aside when it comes to fashion. In reality, there are loads of great podcasts that discuss men’s fashion, and while you may not get any visuals of said fashion, you’ll get to hear fascinating conversations with designers and other fashion lovers like yourself, as well as get practical tips to help you be more fashionable. Here are some of the best men’s fashion podcasts of 2022.

Black Fashion History

Black Fashion History is a series that focuses on the history of African-American businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to the fashion industry. It features stories about individuals who have been celebrated for their achievements, as well as those who also might not be as well known. Some of the episodes include lessons about Amsale Aberra, the creator of the wedding dress, and breakdowns of various Black fashion magazines that have since been defunct.

Beyond The Garment

Drew Joiner, a designer, and YouTube personality hosts his own show called Beyond the Garment. In this series, he talks about his experiences working in the fashion industry, as well as interviews other individuals who have been involved in the industry. He also makes a variety of predictions about the future of the industry and reveals some of the trends that will be featured in upcoming episodes.

Unbuttoned: G. Bruce Boyer’s Life in Clothes

Unbuttoned is a series that follows the life of G. Bruce Boyer, who has been covering the fashion industry for nearly six decades. Host Pedro Mendes interviews him for each episode to talk about his various life experiences. Besides his work in the industry, the pair also talk about what was happening in the world around him.

The Cutting Room Floor

Recho Omondi, a journalist and designer, is the host of The Cutting Room Floor, which is a weekly series that focuses on the fashion industry. It features interviews with various individuals who have been involved in the industry. Some of the past guests who have appeared on the show include Leandra Medine, the founder of Man Repeller, and Brian Phillips, a photographer.

The Complex Sneakers Podcast

The Complex Sneakers Podcast is a weekly show that focuses on the latest trends in the shoe industry. It features a consistent trio of experts, including Matt Welty, Joe La Puma, and Brendan Dunne. They break down the latest moves from major companies such as Nike and Hoka and talk about the lesser-known brands that are making a name for themselves.