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Summer is in full swing and depending on where you are in the world, that likely means it’s impossible to step outdoors without taking in the sweltering summer heat. If you’re trying to save yourself from some of those high temperatures and avoid getting a sunburn on your face, wearing a hat can be a great option. Of course, you’ll likely want to wear a high-quality hat that is also fashionable. Not sure what to pick? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best options in men’s headwear this summer.

Panama Hat

The wide-brim and lightweight materials of Panama hats are great for keeping you cool this summer. Even though some prefer to wear them with formal attire, they are also widely associated with leisure and the tropics. Therefore, if you’re planning on going on a trip, or if you’re just looking for something a little different, the Panama hat is a must-have. The origins of Panama hats can be traced back to the 19th century when the Panama Canal was being constructed. During this time, the people of Panama made lightweight hats out of toquilla, and these became very popular.

Pork Pie Hat

The elegant and versatile pork pie hat is a great alternative to a Panama hat for those who are looking for something a little different. Although it’s commonly associated with Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” this type of hat is less commonly used. If you’re planning on wearing one, make sure that you can pull it off.

Bucket Hats

The popularity of bucket hats has increased significantly over the past couple of years. A bucket hat is a great alternative to a cap for men who are not fond of the casual look usually associated with them. Also, since they’re considered cool, a bucket hat can be a great choice for people who are looking for something a little different. A medium to small bucket hat provides adequate cover for most activities, while a wide-brim sun hat will protect you from the sun’s harmful effects. If you plan on staying exposed to the sun for a prolonged amount of time, then choose a wide-brim hat.


A cap is a great choice for people who are looking for a laid-back summer look. It can be easily pulled off if you’re not confident in yourself. You can wear a cap around the entire time that you’re wearing casual attire. If you’re wearing a dress shirt or a dress with slacks, go for a straw or dress hat instead. Although there are various types of caps that are made of leather, suede, and even fur, you should avoid these during the summer season. Instead, opt for high-quality materials that are lightweight and comfortable.

Wide Brim Sun Hats

Wide-brim sun hats are commonly used by men who enjoy going out and exploring. These kinds of hats are great for various activities such as fishing, hunting, and hiking. The wide-brim design of these hats ensures that they’ll keep your head protected from the sun and keep you warm. The chin cord and the soft canvas construction of these hats make them very comfortable to wear.