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Sweater weather has finally approached, meaning it’s time to be stylish with wearing more clothing and layers than normal. One of the best ways to make a fall outfit come together is by adding some of your favorite shoes and accessories to the mix. Whether temperatures rise or fall, there is always room to add an accessory to your everyday outfits. Here are some essential statement pieces that you need in your fall wardrobe of 2020.


Chunky Boots

Shoes are one of the hardest things to pick out when trying to finish an outfit. Luckily for you this season it shouldn’t be that hard to make a decision. Chunky boots have become one of fashion’s biggest trends in the past year. They are the perfect way to keep your feet warm and dry on cold and rainy days. Most importantly, boots are very comfortable for days out on the town and the long nights. Style this staple accessory with knee-high dresses and skirts for a chic grunge look. You’ll have heads turning while walking in your chunky boots. 


Oversized Necklaces

Completing an outfit without at least one piece of jewelry is nearly impossible. Large chain necklaces have made their way onto the shelves of everyone’s favorite clothing store. We have all looked in the mirror and thought to ourselves that something is missing. Oversized necklaces are exactly what you’re missing. Pair yours with a blazer or turtleneck sweater. Don’t be afraid to pair this piece with a smaller piece of jewelry with a pop of color.


Checkered Scarf 

If turtle turtlenecks aren’t your favorite, consider getting yourself some scarfs to stay warm this season. For men, the checkered scarf trend has become very popular. This is is the perfect accessory to not only add a pop of color to your outfit but also keep you warm during the colder months.


Waist Belts

Bring all of your outfits together with a trendy wide waist belt! This accessory sits in the middle of your body and creates an hourglass shape that can complete your outfit. Try wearing it with a jumpsuit or dress that would also pair nicely with some chunky boots. With so many different belts to choose from you’ll be able to make a statement with this accessory. Belts never go out of style, so keep these around for all of your upcoming occasions.