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A new season, a new blog about the upcoming trends that hit the runway, showcasing fall styles from some of the world’s top fashion designers. As the cooler seasons approach, we’re seeing a ton of new emerging trends entering both women and men’s fashion. From vintage looks with a victorian inspiration to fun prints and suits for different occasions. If you’re looking to head into the next autumn season with the most current wardrobe, consider adding some of these trending options to your collection.

All About Plaid

With autumn in mind, may top designers looked to plaids for a very circa the 1990s feel, that goes well with the changing season. The trend is fiercely entering all levels of fashion outlets from top luxury designers to your favorite stores in your local mall. In a recent Marie Claire article, Monse designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim described their plaid designs as “happy punk,”; specifically mentioning their full-length slip dress with a bold plaid pattern that recently hit the runway. In high-fashion, Balmain also took to the trend, releasing an oversized plaid jacket with a price tag of over $3,000. The popular plaids are a favorite for both men and women’s fashion this year.

Shimmering Metallics 

While neutrals and earth tones are very much still “in” for fall, many designers took quickly to the “heavy metals” trend. Metallic pieces are a great way to add shine to an otherwise darker autumn outfit. Top designers like Versace and Alexa Chung added a few metallic pieces to their runway sets.

Super Vintage 

In any season, there’s usually a vintage-inspired trend floating around somewhere. For fall 2020, runway trends are dating back to the 70s with multiple layers, prints, flared trousers, and the accessories in between. At Dries Van Noten’s runway show, viewers were taken on a trip back in time as runway models sported 70s-inspired faux furs and heeled boots. 

Monochrome Fits 

The head-to-toe monochrome trend is also on the “popular” list this fall. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Balmain showcased their monochrome looks on the runway this year. With colors ranging from bright neon pink and purples to neutral tones, for some designers, head-to-toe all-white looks where the contribution to the monochrome trend. A notable trend in men’s fashion, specifically.