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More often than not, in our present global society, we hear about a plethora of different world issues, from human rights to environmental health. And while many industries and organizations work toward improving the world we live in, one of the most significant impacts comes from a generally unexpected sector–the fashion industry. 

As one of the largest industries in the world, the fashion market is full of diverse brands and designers that play a massive role in the sustainability of our environment, both negatively and positively. In fact, with the focus of sustainability on the rise, many fashion brands are creating sustainable and ethically sourced clothing products; and the benefit is greater than you may think. Here are a few reasons why sustainable fashion matters:

Ethically Made

One of the biggest issues sounding the fashion industry for countless years is the ethical processes behind making clothes. We’ve all heard about clothing companies using unethical practices like sweatshops or child labor for low costs and high product volume. When clothes are ethically sourced and made, it contributes to a healthier environment and improves human rights by providing workers with safe and healthy working conditions, long-term employment, and fair wages. 

Saves Natural Resources

Think making a tee-shirt doesn’t take much? Think again! In most cases, aside from the limited number of sustainable clothing brands, making new clothes generally involves using new resources, rather than recycled. According to this recent article, 97% of the resources that go into making new clothes are new, leaving a small 3% of materials being recycled resources. Utilizing recycled resources reduces the use of new resources like oil for synthetic fibers and substantially contributes to reducing waste. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Globally, the fashion industry puts out many greenhouse gases every year; greenhouse gases are a primary contributor to global warming. Often, this has to do with what the clothing is made from, whether its nylon, polyester, or acrylic, and requires chemical treatment. With a carbon footprint in mind, sustainable clothing brands consciously utilize natural or recycled materials that require little to no chemical treatment. Fabrics like linen, organic cotton, and hemp are fantastic sustainable options that keep the planet in mind while creating a trending look. 

Sustainable fashion is on the rise as more people are considering environmentally friendly options.